Thursday, 17 April 2014

The WW2 film set

The other weekend David Invited me to come see this WW2 film set he was taking part in in the countryside. We set off at 4:00am and it was absolutely freezing. Im soo not an outdoors person so having to trek up a disgustingly moody hill in my Dr.Martens was soo not my idea of fun. I felt like being a babe and helped cook the "soldiers" breakfast. I didn't get as many fabulous film stills i had planned on, due to my poor ability to function in cold weather however i got as far as the tent doorway and zoomed in from there. I quite like the effect though.. After having great chats with everyone who came in and out the tents I was carried down the moody hill at the end of the wrap to the safe haven (The car). We had a bliss journey back and i couldn't wait to get back to the warmth however i must admit it was soo worth it! Met some great people and actually really adore some of my photographs! More on my Flickr 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

One morning over breakfast// photo update

@Baltzersens Harrogate

After a very long photoshoot in the fields

Watching rain fall after school

Snaps from my birthday 

Catch ups 

Style spotting at school

Gallery viewing and shopping 

Relaxing on set after a shoot 

Decorating the new house.